Ilo Struggle Against Discrimination At Work

Ilo Struggle Against Discrimination At Work

Lunedì 23 ottobre a UniMercatorum, dalle ore 16.00, si terrà il convegno intitolato Ilo Struggle Against Discrimination At Work.

In the inaugural event organized by the recently created by Mercatorum University INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LABOUR LAW RESEARCH HUB the audience will have a chance to listen to the famous labour law scholar Prof. Jean Michel Servais.

Prof. Servais is the former Director of the International Labour Organization, he was elected in 2023 as the President of the ISLSSL. Prof. Jean Michel Servais in a lively dialogue will share his opinion about on the focus of the event. The event will take the form of the interview and the participants are encouraged to send their questions to our guest via email:

Il programma dell’evento “Ilo Struggle Against Discrimination At Work”

Institutional Greetings
Giovanni Cannata – Magnifico Rettore Universitas Mercatorum

Opening Speech
Marco Mocella – Head of Gender Equality and Elimination of Discrimination Module, Universitas Mercatorum

Our Guest
Jean Michel Servais – President-Elect of the Internatinal Society for Labour Law and Society Security 

Elena Sychenko – University of St. Petersburg

Fonte: Unimercatorum.